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Why should you use Stop-Mice?
  • Guaranteed no more mice for 6 months
  • One visit, first time fix
  • Safe for children & animals
  • Fixed cost
  • Certified service
  • & MORE

Mice proofing experts servicing North, South, and West London

Our Stop-Mice proofing program is designed to prevent mice entering the living areas of your property. We get rid of mice systematically searching to find where the mice enter your living areas and then seal the mice entry points with a suitable mice proof material. Our aim is to provide a one visit, first time fix that’s safe for pets and children. Once our inspection is complete we then issue a certificate with a 6 month guarantee covering you should the mice return.

“I have not seen any evidence of mice since his visit and could not be happier with the service and advice. Highly recommend this company and service.”

Alex : 30/05/16

“This is the best money I have spent since moving into my place nearly a year ago. Cannot recommend highly enough!”

Liza : 07/07/16

“The service offered by Stop Mice is far more in depth than a typical pest control service and worth every penny”

Adam : 15/04/15

“Warrick was extremely thorough and checked every possible weak point where mice might get in. I would recommend this service without hesitation. ”

Marjut : 01/08/16

“A complete 5 star service at a reasonable cost. Money well spent in my opinion. So far there has been no further sighting of mice.”

Tahir : 20/08/15
  • Which? Trusted Trader
  • BPCA - British Pest Control Association
  • Greenstone Pest Control