We can keep your family safe from mice in one visit


Peace of mind

Once we have completed our visit you can relax knowing your family will no longer have to come in contact with anymore mice.

No dangers — to animals or loved ones

Our mice proofing program does not reply on baits or hazardous materials to control your mice problem so there is no risk to others who share your house.

Instantly stops risk — from disease & bacteria

Mice carry a number of different bacteria or diseases which can contaminate worktops, toys, and even your bed. No more mice means no more bacteria, or disease they will carry into your home.

12 month guarantee

If the mice return, so will we, FREE of Charge. We back up our service with a 6 month guarantee should the mice return. Based on previous treatments undertaken there is a 90% chance you won’t have to call us back within our 6 month guarantee period.

Value for money

After spending 4–6 hours checking your property, sealing up entry points, materials included, offering a 6 month guarantee for peace of mind and no more mice our service has to be the best value for money around.

Pregnant or with newborn?

Our Stop Mice proofing program is an excellent solution for people with young children who don’t want their child’s first contact with a furry animal to be a mouse or its deposits. We can provide a safe and mice free environment for you and your children by stopping mice entering into your living areas.

Once your home inspection and mice proofing program is completed, we will issue a guarantee certificate that covers you for 6 month, should the mice return. We will return as many times as it takes but 9/10 times we get it right first time.

Mice proofing is a viable alternative to using poison baits and traps and it’s a proven fact that these methods are not as effective as they used to be. Please browse through our testimonials page to see how other parents feel about the service we provide.

We are a Which Trusted Trader, and a member of the BPCA.(British Pest Control Association). With over 7 years experience proofing mice in London we can confidently say we will likely solve your mouse problem the day we visit.

Mice proofing stops mice – we are the mouse proofing experts servicing North South and West London.

Our Prices are fixed, include materials and based on our expected time onsite, your property type and size.

Prices from £195 – including taxes and materials

Contact us today for more information, and for a free no obligation survey or quote.

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“I have not seen any evidence of mice since his visit and could not be happier with the service and advice. Highly recommend this company and service.”

Alex : 30/05/16

“This is the best money I have spent since moving into my place nearly a year ago. Cannot recommend highly enough!”

Liza : 07/07/16

“This is the most effective solution for banishing mice from a property. The flat was thoroughly checked, and my phobia treated with patience.”

Sharron : 18/08/14

“Warrick was extremely thorough and checked every possible weak point where mice might get in. I would recommend this service without hesitation. ”

Marjut : 01/08/16

“A complete 5 star service at a reasonable cost. Money well spent in my opinion. So far there has been no further sighting of mice.”

Tahir : 20/08/15
  • Which? Trusted Trader
  • BPCA - British Pest Control Association
  • Greenstone Pest Control